Canada’s top 100 health influencers

Our founder, Celine, was recently named as a Top 100 Influencer by OptiMYz magazine. You can check out the full list here.

From OptiMYz:

There are two big health trends in the modern world. On the negative side, our post-industrial society includes many forces that, left unopposed, are leading us to unhealthy lifestyles.
Throughout most of evolution human beings had to exercise to get through the day. Food could be hard to come by and if something tasted good, it was probably healthy. Nowadays, machines do a lot of the work and food providers design unhealthy products that tickle the pleasure centres of the brain. Digital technologies keep us indoors where we lose our connection to nature and its many health benefits. This all leads to stress, which compounds the other problems.
On the positive side, we have science, medicine, communication, education, entrepreneurship, new products and practices, fitness and sport, access to healthy food, travel, leisure and freedom of choice, not to mention the best of the old ways like healthy food, a sense of community and the wisdom of our elders.
In this, the inaugural OptiMYz Top 100 Influencers, we bring you 100 Canadians whose work is helping to make Canada a healthier, fitter and more balanced nation. Some are icons, others are behind the scenes change-makers. Together they represent many positive trends and are influencing millions of Canadians. Well done, Top 100!