A Sister's Take on the Power of Personal Branding for The Queen's Marketing Association

Last week, I got the chance to sit down with my sister and collaborate on a piece for the Queen's Marketing Association blog! Over the past 2 years, my personal brand has undergone a serious renovation. We talked about the power of personal branding, how to manage your brand inside and outside the office, and the importance of differentiating yourself! See below for an excerpt and read the full article here: http://www.theqma.ca/a-sisters-take-on-the-power-of-personal-branding!

After graduating from Queen’s University in 2014, Celine Tarrant launched her career in the rotational program at Walmart Canada. Though not a marketer by trade, Celine is experienced in both merchandising as well as pricing, and works with marketers every day.

In addition to her career, she is the Founder of Smart Girls Sweat, a Toronto-based ‘sweatworking’ organization that empowers professional women through fitness. The company combines fitness classes, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities to create unique experiences for health-conscious and professional women.

If you haven’t already guessed, Celine is also my older sister! We’re used to sharing everything – clothes, makeup, and now career advice! We sat down to talk about personal branding for young professionals, the importance of maintaining your own competitive advantage, and balancing your personal health with your professional self. 

Sarah Tarrant: There’s so much buzz lately around the idea of personal branding. In your opinion, what exactly does ‘Brand You’ mean, and why should marketing students care?
Celine Tarrant: There are so many definitions of personal branding. To me, ‘Brand You’ is the set of skills, values, and traits that people associate when they think about you. It’s the summation of how people perceive you, and determines what kinds of opportunities they would consider you for, what kind of expertise they would ask of you, and whether or not they would want to get stuck in an airport with you!
Marketing students should definitely care because ‘Brand You’ is how you differentiate yourself from the crowd of young professionals who, on paper, look the exact same as you. I’ve noticed that some of my peers have a rude awakening when they realize they are surrounded by equally smart and talented people at work. There are literally thousands of new grads with roughly the same profile – you need to understand what makes you different, then figure out how to leverage those qualities to help you stand out.