3 Ways You Can Get Back on Track After a Major Setback (and Still Hit Your Goals) (Originally Published on TheMuse.com)

You did everything right. You set a realistic goal. You created an action plan with small, manageable tasks. You asked for support when you needed it. You monitored your progress and solicited feedback.

Then suddenly, something unexpected happens. It’s more than a speed bump: It’s a full-on roadblock. Maybe your budget got cut. Or your only client went bankrupt. Or your new boss wants to take things in a new direction. Or a friend or family member fell sick. Your goal suddenly became mission impossible.

Earlier this year, I hit a roadblock of my own while training for a marathon. After months of training and running several successful races, I got injured and was advised to take a break. Accepting this news was really difficult and stressful for me, especially because it’s a major goal I’d been working towards for several months. After taking some time off, I knew it would be impossible for me to get back into shape in time for the race. So, rather than letting all of my hard work go to waste, I focused on redirecting my energy into other productive goals. I found a way to make the best of the situation and capitalize on the experiences and skills I had gained.

Here’s what I learned that you can apply to your own goals:...

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