We caught up with Alyssa Bertram, Founder of Easy. , a subscription service for organic pads and tampons. This girl boss isn't just committed to health in her work, but also in her personal life, maintaining  yoga practice and weight-lifting regimen! Check out what Alyssa has to say about work, life, and balance:


Name: Alyssa Bertram
Twitter/Instagram: @easyperiod


Tell us about your job in 100 words or less: I am the CEO and Founder of a subscription deliver service for organic cotton feminine hygiene products called easy. We deliver your tampons/pads to your door every three months with a fair trade chocolate bar and donate on your behalf to providing pads and health education to girls in Kenya through ZanaAfrica Foundation.
Career accomplishment you are most proud of? I am most proud of launching my business and taking the leap to leave the 9-5 world that was feeling uninspiring and take the risk to follow what I am passionate about.
Best piece of career advice you’ve received? The best piece of career advice I've received is to find what you enjoy doing and create a way to get paid for it :)
What advice would you give to other young professional women? I would say trust your gut, turn inward for advice and take it day by day.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years I see myself having created many other avenues to empower women in even bigger and bolder ways.

Alyssa Bertram


How do you like to stay active? I stay active through yoga and weight training.
Fitness/health accomplishment you are most proud of? That's a tough one! I think it would be eliminating alcohol from my life which has been great for my productivity!
What tools and resources do you use to help you stay on track with your fitness goals (apps, journals, books, websites, gadgets etc.)?
 I actually don't use any of those! I have a trainer who I see once a week who helps to keep me accountable. Other than that I think being mindful of how I'm feeling and listening to what my body needs helps me to stay on track.
Favourite spot for healthy eats: I love the salads at Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market
Favourite spot for tasty treats: I'm a sucker for chicken parmesan at Vivoli in Little Italy, mmmm!

Last book you read: Communion by bell hooks
Favourite quote: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage" - Anaïs Nin


Do you prefer routine or spontaneity? What does a typical day look like for you? I like a little bit of both. I usually get up and make matcha, have something to eat, shower and check emails. Then get ready and head out to meetings or make packages. In the evenings I'll either go out to a friends event or gallery or cozy up and read or watch Netflix.
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced pursuing both career and health and fitness goals? Staying on track with both! I find there's a very delicate balance to be achieved. One thing that has helped me is working to be conscious that I am a separate entity for my business and ensuring that I schedule in me time for nonbusiness related tasks that fuel me. This helps me juggle work and fitness more efficiently. 
Do you believe work-life balance truly exists? I do, but I think it takes practice like anything else. Without balance I don't think your life and  in turn your work can fully thrive. It's something I'm still learning but I recognize that it's a practice that you have to work on everyday, I don't think there will come a magical day where life just balances itself (I wish!!).

Why do you think committing to health and fitness is important for young professional women? For me at least, I know that when I make an effort to exert myself and eat nourishing foods each day I feel like a different woman. I am better able to cope with stress, better able to sleep. I can't possibly achieve my goals and create the value for others that I so desire if I'm not putting in the effort to care for my health and well-being. I think young professional women shouldn't think of this as an afterthought or something that takes away from their career, but as an essential component to thriving both as a businesswoman and as a person in general.